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Quilter's Block???

When a customer brings me a quilt top that will be custom quilted, I spend quite a bit of time decided the design and how I'm going to quilt it before I even start. Mary brought me this adorable "Francis Firefly" quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman. I knew it would be gorgeous with custom quilting...but I was just uninspired for a couple of weeks...until the inspiration hit! Below is a picture of her quilt before quilting:

I quilted the firefly body with individual designs in each section. That was the easy part. What I was stuck with was the background. I wanted the feel of the fireflies flying. The end effect...swirls and wind patterns. The fabric was a metallic blue and it just glitters (which the picture does not show it justice)

"Really enjoying checking out all the different quilting patterns on the firefly quilt. It's just lovely. Thank you!!" Mary

My goal is to enhance your quilts!


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